Our Services

12 Step Program


Our program is based on the 12 step program of AA and will offer residents and alumni a chance to work through each step of their recovery. 

Relapse Prevention


Residents discuss and develop a plan to overcome their compulsions and learn how to detect the warning signs of relapse. 

Life Skills Training


In Life Skills Training residents get the chance to develop important skills that will assist them in their life outside of Turning Point. These can include topics such as budgeting, coping, and problem solving.

Counselling and Meetings


Residents are able to meet with trained counsellors on site, engage in one-on-one bi-weekly therapy sessions, and group sessions. 

Residents also attend AA, CA, GA, and NA meetings outside of Turning Point.  

Recreational Activities


Men's and Women's residents often enjoy group outings which can include activities such as bowling, baseball, and volleyball. Activities such as these provide exercise, opportunity for social interaction, and team building skills.

Weekly Planning Sessions


Weekly planning includes scheduled programming where residents plan and assign roles for the upcoming week.  Here each resident will create personal goals for themselves for the week ahead.

Friday planning sessions involve discussing the previous weeks outcome and their relapse prevention plan for the weekend.