Admission Requirements



Residents may refer themselves or be referred by a wide range of community workers. To begin the admission process, inquiring residents are to schedule a meeting with the house counselors to discuss eligibility into the program. Interviews can be scheduled by contacting the main office (see contact page). Residents are expected to be seven days sober prior to having an interview and to remain sober while on the wait list. During that time, the future resident can attend services such as the 12 step program. 

A three week trial period is necessary to assess a new resident;s motivation to change and their ability to make constructive use of the prescribed program. 

What is Expected of Residents

Residents should be willing and able to follow directions from the staff and be open to options other than their own. They must be amenable to living in a group environment, sharing house responsibilities, and abiding by house rules and expectations. Residents are expected to participate in the program daily from Monday to Friday, and unless approved by staff, will not be allowed to attain employment or schooling for at least one month following admission. 

Turning Point Residents Commitments

  • To maintain strict adherence to sobriety - failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal. 
  • To attend a minimum of six AA/NA meetings per week outside of program hours. 
  • To participate in the prescribed program activities such as: individual and group counselling sessions; recreational activities; like skills counselling; setting and attaining specific goals as well as sharing in household tasks. 
  • To be willing to accept outside professional counselling for identified problems such as: physical, sexual abuse; anger management; family counselling; money management; family counselling; social, mental, and emotional disorders. 
  • To comply with Turning Point's house rules and terms and conditions of residency.

Discharging Process

Length of each individual's stay will vary. Discharge planning will begin once a resident has attained their goals and has established a support system in the community. Community resources will be given upon discharge.